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Export a D2L Course Site

You can export all or part of a D2L course site as a .zip file. This saves a backup copy of the course, which is particularly useful since courses are removed from D2L.

Exporting a course also allows instructors to create a copy of the course design and content that can be imported into another course. An exported course does not include student data like grades, quiz attempts, submission folder files, etc.

  1. Select the gear icon next to your name at the top of any page.
  2. Select the Import/Export/Copy Components link.
  3. Select Export Components.
  4. Make sure the "Include course files in the export package" checkbox is selected.
  5. Select the Start button.
  6. Select the components that need to be exported:
    • To export specific components, click the checkboxes next the components .
      • If you want to export all items with a component, select Export all items.
      • If you want to export only certain items from a component, choose Select individual items to export.
    • To export all components, choose Select All Components.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Note: If “Select individual items to export” for any components was selected, go to the next step; if “Export all items” was select, skip to step 11.

  9. Select the individual items from the component to copy.
    • Select the + plus signs next to each component to view all of the items included in that component.
    • Select the checkbox next to each item that needs to be exported.
  10. Select Continue.
  11. Confirm that the correct materials are listed on the Confirm Components to Export page.
  12. Make sure the "Include course files in the export package" checkbox is selected.
  13. Select Continue.
  14. Select the Finish button.
  15. Select the Click here to download the export Zip package link, then save the export file, which is a .zip file, to the device.
  16. Note: The link to download the .zip file must be selected when it appears, or it will be lost. The file is not stored in D2L for later download.