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Setting up Completion Tracking in D2L Content


Completion Tracking is a feature that allows students to monitor progress while completing a course. It also allows the instructor to monitor whether students are visiting individual topics. (View the Class Progress guide for more information about using completion tracking to monitor student activity in the Content area.)

For every module or topic, a completion type must be assigned.

To see how completion tracking will appear to students, see the Student View guide for more information.

Set Completion Tracking for an Individual Topic

  1. Select the two dashes for the individual topic A.
  2. A list of completion tracking options will appear with a check next to the currently active option. The default is Not Required. Select a new completion type B.
    setting completion tracking on item in content

Set Completion Tracking for the Entire Content Area or Module

  1. Select Table of Contents or a Module.
  2. Select the dropdown arrow A next to the tile of the Module or Table of Contents.
  3. Select Set All Completion B.
    set all comletion
  1. In the popup window, select a completion type A.
  2. Select the Update B button.
    set requirements from the pop-up window

Automatic Completion Tracking Appendix

This list indicates when an item is marked complete for different types of topics in Content when "Required: Automatic" is selected.


Use Intelligent Agent to set up emails in D2L that automatically alert the students who are not reviewing content or completing assignments . View the Intelligent Agents guide for more information.