Distance Learning: Time Management

How much time should I plan to spend on my course?

You should expect to spend 3 hours studying for every credit hour you are taking:

Example: If you have one online course that is 3 credits you should expect to spend 9 hours of study time per week.

Please note: You may not be logged in to the course the entire time, but you need to plan on your work taking that much time.  Allow more time if you are not comfortable with a computer. 

Time Management

One of the biggest factors related to success in a distance learning course is time management. Today's students are often busy with jobs, social events, family, and friends. Try out the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Study Time Calculator to identify where your time is spent. How many hours are left for studying?

How good is your time management skills?

To gauge your time management skills, try out Mind Tool's Time Management Quiz to see if you currently possess positive and productive time managment skills.

Time Management Tips