Distance Learning: What are Hybrid and Enhanced classes?

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid courses are a combination of face-to-face instruction and online instruction. Hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds in that students maintain that face-to-face instructor contact, and at the same time have the flexibility of learning at a distance. See the credit online class page of the ECC Hybrid Credit Schedule for a list of hybrid classes currently offered.

Enhanced Classes

Enhanced courses are courses in which a proportion of instruction, evaluation and communication is done electronically via Desire2Learn (D2L), but the traditional time spent in the classroom is NOT reduced. Components of D2L are used to enhance the traditional face-to-face class.  For instance, quizzes and exams for classes may be on D2L, instructors may use the student grade book on D2L, or instructors may use D2L to house additional resources for the class.   ECC offers many sections of enhanced classes.