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Teaching Learning and Student Development (TLSD) Syllabus Templates

A template to generate a syllabus is available for our faculty. While use of this template is optional, it may serve as a useful starting place for new faculty and a helpful resource for continuing faculty.

The TLSD Syllabus Template is a fillable Word Document, with sections highlighted for faculty to input their course details. The TLSD Syllabus Template Guide provides instructions for completing the TLSD Syllabus Template, as well as additional examples, suggestions, and resources.

TLSD Syllabus Template (Updated 12/8/2022)

TLSD Syllabus Template GUIDE (Updated 12/16/2021)

The TLSD Syllabus Template is pre-formatted and includes current college policy language, as well as helpful resource links. Regardless of whether or not faculty use the provided syllabus template, according to the ECCFA contract (Article 4.31), faculty must provide a course syllabus that includes:

The TLSD Syllabus Template was revised during Fall 2021 to 1) Maximize accessibility and 2) revise language and details, informed by the Center for Urban Education’s Equity-Minded Inquiry Series:  Syllabus Review Tool.