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Solution compatibility

Is my current Desire2Learn Learning Environment version compatible with the solution?

To find this out, please refer to the description of the solution for more information about the system requirements for that solution. The solution may only be compatible with the latest version of Desire2Learn Learning Environment, and may not be available for your version.


Logging in

Why do I need to log in?

You are required to sign in to your organization's Desire2Learn Learning Environment for Solution Showcase to confirm that you have the proper permissions to install a solution within that environment.

Why am I repeatedly asked to log in to Learning Environment when installing a solution?

The repeated requests to log in may be caused by cookie restrictions within your browser. You can fix this issue by enabling cookies for your browser.


Solution Showcase

Desire2Learn Solution Showcase is a gateway to solution that can enhance the learning experience with Desire2Learn Learning Suite. Search and browse products and tools that integrate with the Desire2Learn Learning Suite to fulfill your organization's unique learning needs and preferences. Solution Showcase currently features integrated solutions from Desire2Learn Partners.



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