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Restoring a deleted discussion forum, topic, thread, or post

Restoring a deleted forum or topic

You must have the Delete and Restore Forums and Topics permission enabled to restore deleted topics and forums.

Restore a deleted forum or topic

  1. On the Discussions List page, click Restore from the More Actions button.
  2. Click Restore beside the forum or topic you want to restore.
  3. Click Yes.

Note If the forum you restore contains one or more topics, you will be given the option to also restore the forum's associated topics.

Restoring a deleted discussion thread or post

To restore a deleted post, you must have permission See Deleted Posts enabled and you must have the Display deleted posts option enabled on the Settings page.

Restore a deleted thread

Click the Restore Thread link in the thread you want to restore.

Restore a deleted post

Click the Restore Post link in the post you want to restore.

Note If the post you restore is a reply to another post, and the other post was also deleted, both posts restore.