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Linking an assessment to a grade item

When you link a topic’s score to a grade item in your grade book, your users’ scores automatically transfer to the grade book. This enables you to factor the topic score into users’ final grades for the course. It also enables you to display the result to users since users cannot view their topic score directly through the Discussions tool, but can view their grades in the grade book.

Note You can only link numeric grade items to discussion topics.

Publishing topic scores to the grade book

You assess topics linked to grade items in the same way you assess stand-alone topics, by assigning a score to each post or to each user for the topic overall. However, you must publish the score to the grade book in order for Learning Environment to update the grade item. This prevents the display of inaccurate grades before you finish assessing users.

When you publish the topic score, Learning Environment updates the grade item in the grade book. Any additional changes you make to a user’s score automatically release to the grade book.

Publish a topic score to the grade book

  1. On the Discussions List page, click Assess Topic from the context menu of the topic you want to assess.
  2. On the Assess Topic page, do one of the following:
    • To publish scores for specific users, select the check box in the Publish to Grades column beside each user whose score you want to release, then click Save and Close.
    • To publish scores for all users, click Publish All Scores to Grades.

Tip You can publish a user’s score by selecting the Published check box.