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Keyboard-only navigation accessibility features

The Desire2Learn Learning Suite includes a number of features aimed at improving the usability of our systems for people with disabilities. The following list outlines some of the design decisions that benefit people that navigate our products by keyboard or using an assistive technology that emulates a keyboard:

  • Standard page designs. Similar functionality is located in the same place and accessed in the same way across tools.
  • Full keyboard accessibility. The tab order is logical and tab focus visually indicated.
  • Keyboard alternatives for drag-and-drop functionality and other dynamic features.
  • Simplified pages that divide content across tabs and hide secondary content in expandable/collapsible sections.
  • Unique link, button and field names for easy searching.
  • Keyboard accessible HTML Editor (WYSIWYG).
  • WAI-ARIA markup is used for tabs, context menus, error and confirmation messages, and page landmarks to help improve navigation.