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Evaluating non-submissions and external submissions

You can evaluate students from Dropbox even if no submissions were made to a dropbox folder. This enables instructors to assign comments and grades to students with no submissions. Also, this enables instructors to evaluate submissions that occur outside of Learning Environment while keeping track of evaluations within dropbox folders.

Evalute a non-submission or external submission

  1. On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the folder you want to view submissions for.
  2. On the Folder Submissions page, there are several filters you can use to search for users with no submissions. You can select Users without submissions from the Submissions drop-down list to filter your search for empty submissions. Or, you can select Show everyone from the Submissions drop-down list to filter your search for submissions and empty submissions.
  3. Click the  Search icon.
  4. Click the Evaluate link beside the name of the user you want to evaluate.
  5. You can evaluate the user through any associated rubrics, or if you created a grade item for the dropbox folder, enter a value in the Score field.
  6. Provide comments and suggestions in the Feedback field.
  7. You can Add a File, Record Audio, or Record Video as feedback. Feedback given as an annotated file also appears in your list of added files.
  8. Click Save Draft to save feedback and continue grading submissions. Click Publish to release your feedback to user.
    • As you grade each submission, you can click Next Student until you reach the final submission where you can click Finish to return to the Folder Submissions page.
    • If you want to publish feedback simultaneously for multiple users, you can bulk publish from the folder's Folder Submissions page. See Bulk publishing dropbox feedback evaluations for more information.

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