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Changing Discussions settings

Access Discussions settings

Do one of the following:

  • On the Discussions List page, click Settings.
  • Click Edit Course on the navbar, click Discussions, then click Settings on the Discussions List page.

Personal Settings

Personal settings control the way you view posts inside a topic. These settings apply to all course offerings wherever you access discussions, but do not affect other users.

Display Settings  The following display settings are available:

  • Always show the Discussions List pane  Use this setting to show or hide the list of topics in the View Topic and View Thread pages. Hide it to save space or show it to switch between topics quickly.
  • Display deleted posts  Use this setting to display deleted posts when browsing topics. You must also have the permission See Deleted Posts to see deleted posts.

    Note Depending on your role, you may not see this setting.

Reply Settings  Use this setting to automatically include the original post by default when composing a reply.

Org Unit Settings

Note Depending on your role, you may not see this setting.

Org unit settings apply to all users and all forums and topics in your course.

Default Rating Scheme Use this setting to automatically display your selected rating scheme in the Rate Posts drop-down list available when creating and editing topics. See Rating discussion posts for more information.

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