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Approving and unapproving discussion threads and posts

If a topic requires post approval, posts only appear to users with permission to approve them. You must manually approve these posts to make them visible to all users. Users with permission to approve posts in a topic can create posts automatically without requiring their approval.

You can enable and disable post approval from the Properties tab when creating or editing a forum or topic. Once you enable post approval,  Moderated appears beside the forum or topic name.

If a post is not appropriate for the topic and you do not want to approve it, you can do any of the following:

  • Leave the post unapproved.
  • Edit the post before approving it.
  • Delete the post.

Approving threads and posts

Approve a thread

Click Approve Thread from the context menu of the thread to approve all posts in the thread.

Approve a post

Click the Approve Post link inside the post you want to approve, or click Approve Post from the context menu of the post.

Unapproving previously approved threads and posts

Unapprove a previously approved thread

Click Unapprove Thread from the context menu of the thread you want to unapprove.

Unapprove a previously approved post

Click Unapprove Post from the context menu of the post you want to unapprove.

Finding posts that require approval

You can find unapproved posts in the following ways:

  • On the Discussions List page, the number of unapproved posts displays beneath each topic that requires post approval. To see only topics that contain unapproved posts, select Unapproved from the Filter by tool navigation area.
  • Inside a thread, unapproved posts display an Approve Post link at the top of the post.